Winter 2018 In Brief

Act 55 of 2017:  Omnibus School Code Amendments; WBK Welcomes Two New Associates

Fall 2017 In Brief

Is your Facebook Page a Public Record?; Pennsylvania Supreme Court Issues Unanimous Ruling Limiting Charter School Amendments

Spring 2017 In Brief

The Proposed Elimination of Property Tax:  Another Attack on Local Control; Recent Developments on the Issue of Transgender Student Rights


Portability of Background Checks; This Month’s Smoking “Hot” Topic for Administrators

In Brief – School Law Update – Fall 2016

What Act 10 Means for School Districts; Update: Anti-Hazing Law

In Brief – School Law Update – Summer 2016

Transgender Student Rights:  An Update; New FLSA Regulations to Take Effect in December

In Brief – School Law Update – Fall 2015

PA Supreme Court Rules on Transportation Responsibilities; School Voucher Case Decided

In Brief – School Law Update – July 2015
This issue includes an article about social media use and suggestions on how to implement technology and social media policies.

In Brief – School Law Update – March 2015
Read about the potential pitfalls surrounding school construction projects and guidance on the discipline of special education students.

In Brief -School Law Update – September 2014 
PIAA Passes New Mixed-Gender Participation Bylaws; Transportation Hot Topics; Recent Charter School Decision

In Brief – School Law Update – June 2014
Pennsylvania Lawmakers Consider Expansion of Public-Private Partnership Legislation; New Child Protection Bills Signed into Law; Prayer at Local Government Meetings

In Brief – School Law Update – April 2014
Supreme Court Issues Decision on Executive Sessions and the Sunshine Act

In Brief – School Law Update – December 2013
Recovery of Money Damages from Schools in Disability Discrimination Claims; Are They Really Voluntary? – CDS Voluntary Guidelines on Serving Children with Food Allergies

In Brief – School Law Update – September 2013
Act 82 Now in Effect – What You Need to Know!

In Brief – School Law Update – June 2013
Special Education Updates; Data-Driven Dismissals:  Future of Employee Discipline Under Act 82; H.S. Senior Suspension Challenged the District and the Court on ‘Notice’.

In Brief – School Law Update – February 2013
Equal Access to Athletic Programs for Students with Disabilities; Street Preacher Evokes First Amendment Right and Loses