Delinquent Tax Services:
Designed for Returns and Responsiveness

Weiss Burkardt Kramer‘s delinquent tax collection service is a unique part of our full-service municipal law practice. Every day, our dedicated representatives manage accounts with precision and diligence.

School districts are publicly funded, largely through real estate taxes.  Unfortunately, not every district resident pays his or her fair share.  Some are years behind on paying their real estate taxes.  These delinquencies adversely affect the quality of education that schools provide to our youth.  Cuts in federal, state, and local funding, as well as an upsurge in the number of charter schools, have further exacerbated many public schools’ financial security.  As a result, some districts are in dire financial straits; others simply need funds collected from delinquent taxes to effectively operate.

At WBK, we collect delinquent real estate taxes and assist districts in projecting realistic revenues from tax collections.  Our proprietary software allows WBK to retain comprehensive, up-to-date records of every type of interaction our paralegals have with delinquent taxpayers.  Districts receive monthly and year-to-date reports with breakdowns of face, penalty, interest, costs, commission, and fees.

Using consistent collection practices, assumpsit actions, and sheriff sales, our tax paralegals collect delinquent taxes efficiently.  Our staff members are assigned to specific districts and handle all tax inquiries for those districts.  This feature allows each district to have a specific point of contact, providing personalized and dependable service.

Our tax collection program maximizes the amount that a district can collect.  In accordance with Act 20 and the Local Tax Collection Law, districts can recover 100% of the face, penalty, and interest on their delinquent taxes.  Our fees are added to the delinquent tax bill.  Thus, districts collect 100% of their delinquent taxes.

WBK handles districts’ delinquent tax collections so that school districts can focus on their most important task:  the business of educating, not the business of tax collection.


Delinquent Tax Collection Department

445 Fort Pitt Boulevard, Suite 503
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Telephone: 412-391-0160
Fax: 412-391-9685


  • Thomas J. (“TJ”) Chapman
  • Colleen Silliman
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  • Kenneth Gibbs, Jr.
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